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BC NDP Backs Amalgamation Study

Apr 24, 2017 Editor

by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter

The BC NDP candidates in Greater Victoria in the current provincial election support a study of amalgamation in the region.

The support comes in a statement to the Victoria lobby group, Amalgamation Yes, which polled all candidates.

A statement issued by the BC NDP on behalf of all candidates and posted on the Amalgamation Yes website says:

“The BC Liberal government said they were committed to doing a governance study on amalgamation – it was a “top priority” for them. Yet years later there is no study and they have no intention to undertake one. This is part of a clear pattern of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals misleading voters and neglecting the things that matter to people. Amalgamation is a complex and costly endeavour with many reasonable arguments for and against. BC New Democrats believe the people have spoken and their government should respect that, so as government we would commission a study, and in collaboration all 13 municipalities, move this file forward.”

The BC NDP also stated: “A study on amalgamation would inevitably bring forward recommendations on any reforms or changes needed to the CRD Board. You can count on BC New Democrats to follow through on our commitment to commission a study, in collaboration with all 13 municipalities, and move this forward.”

 The BC Liberal Party stated on behalf of its candidates: “Today’s BC Liberals believe the Capital Regional District governance structure needs modernizing to ensure that decisions are being made effectively, and that residents are getting the services and accountability they deserve. As we have recently outlined in our Vancouver Island Platform, we commit to undertaking a full review of CRD governance and work with communities on possible service integration or amalgamation, should residents support these initiatives. No community that does not wish to participate in integration or other governance changes will be forced to participate.”

While the Green Party itself did not release a statement, Saanich North and the Islands Green candidate Adam Olsen did. You can find it HERE.