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New Faces Join Central Saanich Council

May 01, 2013 Editor

By Ed Johnson, Citizen Journalist

On May 6th  2013, the swearing-in of Central Saanich’s newest municipal councillors will take place in the council chambers. Alicia Cormier and Ryan Windsor topped the polls in the recent by-election, winning their seats on council. An exclusive Saanich Voice Online video interview demonstrates the issues that are important to each candidate.

Seventy to eighty percent of the people I spoke to wanted the same things as myself for Central Saanich – protect farmland and the rural environment and build a local economy”, said Cormier.

Ryan Windsor believes the expansion of the Urban Containment Boundary is another important issue.  “We need to ask what is motivation behind the expansion of the Urban Containment Boundary.  That question has not been answered and it’s a big question with me.

A voter turnout of almost 3000 voters represented 20% of eligible voters in the district.  First place Cormier tallied 872 votes in the preliminary election results, while Windsor was close behind with 859.  Bob Thompson, a previous councillor in Central Saanich came in third, trailing Windsor by 32 votes.

Watch exclusive video interview with Alica Cormier and Ryan Windsor.