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Scotch Broom got you Down?

Jun 07, 2018 Editor

According to Broombusters – June is the month to battle it.

While some may love  this time of year as the sight of Scotch Broom in bloom spreads its saturated yellow brush across the hill-side – many others see this colour explosion as their annual invitation to take to the shears and start attacking.

Broombusters are just such an eager – and destructive bunch.

According to the grassroots Vancouver Island based organization you can stop broom – and you should – but you have to do it right.

They say that if you cut broom in bloom, right at ground level, the broom will die in the summer’s dry heat. BUT – if you disturb and expose the soil by pulling or digging, you’ll actually encourage the growth of the pest by creating fertile ground for their persistent seeds. Keep the ground cover in place. Small broom can be pulled but larger broom should always be cut at ground level or just below.

Go to their website at for all the hows, whys and whens of broom control.