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New Cordova Bay Plaza Approved

Jan 30, 2018 Editor

by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter

Saanich council voted 8-to-1 Monday night to approve redevelopment of the Cordova Bay Plaza property into a commercial-residential centre.

The new plaza will include a supermarket more than twice the size of the old one and three four-storey buildings over underground parking – as well as some surface parking – with shops on the ground floor and three floors comprising 91 condos above.

The new-closed plaza, built in 1960, had a supermarket, half a dozen shops, a bank, and no residential component.

More than 60 speakers addressed council and they were roughly divided between supporters and opponents of the development.

Council was told several times that the application complied with the existing zoning and no variances were sought. Because the property is within a Development Permit area it needed approval for a “form and character” development permit which limited council’s consideration compared with a rezoning application..

Only Mayor Richard Atwell voted against approval.

You’ll find the video of the council meeting HERE, the discussion occurs in the final half hour.