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Cordova Bay Village Survey Results

Sep 26, 2017 Editor

by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter

The Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs has published on its website ( the results of a survey taken at the Sept. 21 community meeting where plans were unveiled for the “Cordova Bay Village” to replace Cordova Bay Plaza.

The association stated, “The CBA distributed a survey to attendees to gauge and better understand feedback on the updated plans presented. The CBA Board will now use this data in further discussions with the developer and Saanich.”

The survey results showed  a slight majority in favour of the proposal and just under a majority satisfied with its design. Concerns about traffic were expressed – concerns that were vocalized at the community meeting which drew about 200 residents. There were 150 survey responses and answers to questions could be “Yes” or “Neutral” or “No.” The strongest percentage negative response, at 50 per cent, was regarding left and right turns from the residential-commercial development onto Cordova Bay Road.

You’ll find the full survey results HERE.