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Saanich Governance Committee – and Amalgamation Yes?

Feb 10, 2017 Editor

by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter

A “continued connection” between the Saanich Governance Review Citizen Advisory Committee and the lobby group Amalgamation Yes which is stated in the Minutes of a committee meeting “looks like an error,” committee chair John Schmuck told Saanich Voice Online on Feb. 10.

Here are the Minutes of the Oct. 26, 2016 committee meeting — — and on Page 2 this comment – “A continued connection to Amalgamation Yes should be fostered and encouraged.”

“A continued connection to Amalgamation Yes should be fostered and encouraged.”

SVO asked Schmuck, “Why would or should a special-interest lobby group be included in a committee connection in this fashion” and, “Is anyone on the governance committee a member of Amalgamation Yes”

Schmuck replied, “The conversation was regarding a continued connection to the Provincial study and their consultant Dale Wall. We should have caught that before adopting these minutes. Thanks for pointing this out.”

He added, regarding committee members and Amalgamation Yes, “No one on the committee has declared any such affiliation.” Amalgamation Yes is the Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society.

The provincial study, expected soon, is called the Capital Integrated Services and Governance Initiative and will explore ways to integrate services and governance – but without amalgamation. Community Minister Peter Fassbender has said the Province will not impose an outcome but the Initiative will “gather facts and facilitate dialogue between local governments.”

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