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Saanich’s Wilkinson Rd Bridge Update

Jan 19, 2017 Editor

UPDATE: Wilkinson Bridge open to the public on February 24

Saanich is pleased to announce that the Wilkinson Bridge will re-open to the public on February 24 at 2 p.m.

“The Wilkinson Bridge Replacement and Colquitz Trail Extension Project replaces a critical piece of transportation infrastructure, while providing new bike lanes, sidewalks, trails and upgrades to utility services,” said Harley Machielse, Director of Engineering. “Opening the bridge to the public is a major milestone for this project and we appreciate the public’s cooperation throughout the construction process.”

Over the coming weeks, final landscaping, planting and some minor tasks will be completed. Impact to the public is expected to be minimal; however, the public is asked to be aware of crews and flaggers as they begin to use the new bridge. Periodic traffic delays may be possible.

Quick Facts from Saanich:

·        The total budget for the Wilkinson Bridge and Colquitz Trail Project is $6.5 million.

·        The original bridge was installed in 1935.

·        Bridge construction was completed from June 2016 to February 2017.

·        The new bridge is 15 m long and 14.6 m wide.

·        Construction was completed Don Mann Excavating Ltd. and Jacob Brothers Construction.

·        415 cubic meters of concrete was used to build the new bridge.

·        New sidewalks were installed on both sides of Wilkinson Road and Lindsay Street. 340 meters of new on-road bike lanes were also installed.

·        All street lights were replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting.

·        The extended Colquitz River Trail will be 465 meters long. Streamside enhancements will also be made.

Learn more about the Wilkinson Bridge and Colquitz River Trail Project on Saanich’s website HERE


Previous Story:

Saanich’s renewed Wilkinson Rd bridge over the Colquitz River is scheduled to open to traffic again in February.  The corridor was closed in May for renewal. It originally slated to partially re-open in November but delays pushed the date back to February.

Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell told CFAX that the delays were basically winter-weather-related and he doesn’t foresee any further delays.

The upgrading includes the installation of curbs, sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of the road where possible; replacing the existing bridge over the Colquitz River with a new bridge; and extending the Colquitz River Trail from Casa Linda Drive to Wilkinson Road.

Saanich Project Status HERE 


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