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Nov 03, 2016 Editor

by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter

Saanich council agreed on Oct. 24 to invite the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project Board (CAWTPB) to make a presentation at a future Committee of the Whole meeting on plans for sewage sludge treatment at Hartland Landfill and an 18-kilometre pipeline through west Saanich from the treatment plant at McLoughlin Point at the entrance to Victoria Harbour.

The subject of sewage sludge – the leftovers from sewage treatment, also called biosolids – has been a concern, especially of residents in the Prospect Lake and Hartland Landfill areas who depend wells for their domestic water. Residents of Willis Point (just outside Saanich) will be advised of the presentation date.  The public can address committee of the whole meetings.

The information motion was made by Coun. Fred Haynes, who lives in the Prospect Lake neighbourhood.

“While this is a project of the Capital Regional District, the use of Hartland clearly brings significant long-lasting physical and fiscal impacts to the residents of Saanich,” he said.

“The intent is not to have Saanich council alter the clear processes and decisions established at the CRD and the CAWTPB for the liquid waste project. The intent is to enable an opportunity for Saanich residents to hear first hand the
details of the plans for Hartland and any other direct impacts in Saanich.”