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Sep 15, 2016 Editor

by roger Stonebanks, citizen journalist

One aspect of the approved $765 million tertiary sewage treatment plant at McLoughlin Point at the entrance to the Inner Harbour will involve piping the leftover sludge to Hartland Landfill in northwest Saanich.

 The pipeline route is likely to run beside Interurban Road and West Saanich Road to Willis Point Road and then to the regional garbage dump that is owned by the Capital Regional District (CRD).

Residents in the Prospect Lake and Willis Point areas, who draw their water from wells, have expressed concern at the arrival of sewage sludge at Hartland Landfill – in addition to the sludge from the secondary treatment plants on the Saanich Peninsula and Sooke that is currently trucked there for burial. The Victoria Times Colonist has reported that the sludge “will go through anaerobic digesters to create what is known as class A biosolids. The biosolids will be stored at Hartland while the region develops plans to use biosolids, garbage and food scraps as a resource.”

Saanich Coun. Fred Haynes, who lives in the Prospect Lake area, voted in favour the the McLoughlin Point plan because, “It has addressed many of the items raised by the residents of Esquimalt and the region. It is one that includes tertiary treatment, it is suitable for its location and is one that I hope receives the support of the council and Esquimalt.”

As for Prospect Lake and Willis Point, “I await the full and responsive public consultation on the impacts for our area together with the information on the conveyance pipes to Hartland and the biosolids plant these will feed. I have confidence this will be forthcoming.”

He said concerned residents, “especially the residents of rural Saanich and around Prospect Lake, Hartland and Willis Point,” should contact him at  250-708-0431 or

 Below is the CRD’s 2014 map of the potential route of the pipeline and return line. It can also be seen HERE.